Kentucky Judge Gives Online Gambling Sites 30 Days To Block US Users

In recent negative news to the online casinos that currently allow US players access to their sites, A judge in Kentucky had decided that online gambling websites must take away any privileges that residents currently have within the next 30 days or the domain will be transferred. This comes from the theory that the current rate of online gambling in Kentucky is taking away from the economy and the physical land based gambling facilities that are available to the public.

The Judge said that his ruling will not be dismissed but should be feared as he will have the support of other government officials behind him as well.

The judge said, “The Internet, with all its benefits and advantages to modern day commerce and life, is still not above the law.”
The judges theory is that if there is absolute no option for the residents to play online in any manor what so ever after the period of the 30 days they will begin to venture out and start betting and playing in the physical land based casinos and thus adding money into the Kentucky economy allowing for business to prosper.

 Kentucky Judge Gives Online Gambling Sites 30 Days To Block US Users 1

American governments are overall opposed to internet gambling as there is no regulation and legislation currently in place to govern those that own or play in online casinos. However, governments have not made an effort to create proper rules for online gambling but rather took the steps to ban it all together rather than understanding the profitable industry.