Jackpot month for Party Casino!

It looks like Party Casino has had a jackpot month in May. Party Casino shattered their jackpot payout record that they previously set in December 2009 just last month in May. How much did they payout? An astronomical $6,429,000! Many players managed to win over 10K in May, and a few others walked away with a life changing amount.

Cash was not the only thing rewarded as there were also prizes to be won, and the biggest prize to be won was the Maserati Grand Turismo for the Grand Win Auto. The value of the Maserati is not counted towards the $6,429,000 that was paid out in May. The Maserati was won when the Gold Mega jackpot was won by a player who goes by Arkry222. Arkry222 won the Gold Mega jackpot, winning $1.88 million, and also instigating the win of the Grand Win Auto for one lucky player.

Belgium had a lucky streak as two players from Belgium won within 24 hours from each other. The first winner won The Big One, which was $3,057,043. The second player who won, goes by the screen name Silverdxp, and they won over $123,000 in jackpots.

 Jackpot month for Party Casino! 1

The month of June looks like a promising month for players. One player has already won over $685,000!