Offers Bets for Euro 2008 Championships

The Online sportsbetting site has announced that it has a full range of odds for the forthcoming Euro 2008 Championships which will start this Saturday in Basel.

The site opened its doors 25 years ago and it was the world’s first sportsbetting site. The site has covered six Euro soccer tournaments since then and has the widest ranges of bets.

The site has odds on every game that is taking place this year. After losing the chance to be crowned the winner at the Soccer World cup which it hosted in Germany is touted to be the favorite this time around to be crowned the winner. Offers Bets for Euro 2008 Championships 1

Intertops has odds placed on the eventual winner and the winners of the quarter and semi finals.  It has also placed odds of 66,500 to 1 on whether Pope Benedict will sing “We Are the Champions” if Germany beats Italy in the final.

According to a site spokesperson, “The most popular bet is the one who is going to win the tournament. There is a lot of soccer action prior to the final.” He added, “Bets have been placed on who will score the first goal, who will lead at the half, and which player will score the first goal?”

The best scenario for the site is that Austria meets Greece the reigning champions in the final and the worst scenario for it is Germany beating Italy in penalties. The site is offering bets on every game and players will be able to place bets on each game until the last whistle.