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InterCasino to Host Casino War

InterCasino, one of the most notable online casinos, has announced a tournament based on the game of Casino War. The game is simple, the player that has the highest card against the dealer’s card wins. The other advantage is that if a player gets lucky, they can share in over $500 worth of cash prizes.

The tournament is scheduled to be held August 21-31, at which point the casino will be hosting a number of Casino War Tournaments. The top 8 players of each tournament will be taking home a cash prize. The objective of these tournaments is for players to achieve the highest balance possible within an allocated time – 30 minutes. All players start with the same amount of tournament chips. Players do not have to play for the whole 30 minute period in one go, but have the option to play for however long they wish.

The total prize pool of the tournament is $500, with a $10 sign-up fee. The top 8 players will receive cash prizes, with the winner taking home $250, 2nd place receiving $100, and places 3-8 winning $25 each. All money used in the tournament is play money, with only the prize money being real.

 InterCasino to Host Casino War 1

All a player has to do to sign-up is click on ‘Games’, then ‘Tournaments’ on the InterCasino site and select the tournament from the list. Then pay the tournament fee, and your ready to play. The player will be allocated $500 worth of chips, and players can choose to end their time prematurely if they believe they will be ahead of the pack at the time.