InterCasino Adds More Movie-Related Games

In anticipation of increased online gambling activity over the holidays, InterCasino has introduced several new games to their roster.  The games will mirror MGM movie hits including Forrest Gump, Braveheart and Superman.

Forrest Gump is a game in which players can choose from bonus games such as box of chocolates which is modeled after the famous quotation “you never know what you will get” and is used to inform players of the randomness of every spin.

Braveheart is a game that depends on points.  A player may collect points based on how well the Scottish army does in battle.  Braveheart’s jackpots are tied into the level of box office success and will rise according to a point system.  The levels are as follows; smash, epic, classic, acclaimed and blockbuster.

InterCasino Adds More Movie-Related Games 1

Superman’s features include 50 paylines and the chance to defeat Lex Luthor in the hopes of winning over Lois Lane.  As the player goes through the game, a variety of bonuses become available and the jackpot rises according to how well the player does.

InterCasino is looking to refresh their list of available games and is hoping that the holidays will provide plenty of time and opportunity for players to try out the new games.