Different countries have different regulations as much as gambling is concerned. With the rise and fall of poker in this decade, the US government has not let operators operate freely.

However, many countries have regulated the industry quite well. Players, in some countries, play their favorite games as much as they like. Still, the authorities have put in place measures to ensure safety and care of players as they enjoy their gaming.

Here is a guide to some of the regulations around the world.

The United Kingdom

Some of the biggest gambling companies in the world operate in the United Kingdom. The companies have been thriving legally and freely for quite some time now. However, the 2005 Gambling Act, stirred things up a little bit in the gambling industry across the United Kingdom.

The UK gambling industry has grown tremendously and gambling companies have been thriving despite the 34% tax they been paying back to the government. There are thousands of gambling companies which offer services such as online betting or online casinos. Players gamble freely online and are required to take their own responsibility to regulate the time they gamble as well as deposit limits.

However, the Executive Director of Gambling Commission Strategy said that the commission is committed to ensure fair and safer gambling. According to her, at the heart of their operations, people need to be protected from gambling-related harm. Gambling Commission Strategy is among the regulators in the UK industry.

New Zealand

New Zealand has strict gambling regulations. Their gambling market is also very interesting. They only allow operators of casino play who are not based in New Zealand to operate. This has led to big international companies investing in New Zealand’s online market.

Poker, slots as well as roulette are among the popular games in New Zealand. Blackjack is being played widely with kiwi players in the country.


According to a research, 1200-1400 online gambling companies operate in Canada. This is impressive considering the fact that 10% of their population is from USA. Apart from local casinos being unable to get licensed, gambling companies operate freely in Canada and gambling is unrestricted in every state of the country.

Well, that has led to the big gambling companies such as William Hill and Sporting Bet to invest heavily in the gambling market of Canada. 5% of people play online gambling while the ones who play lotteries as well as other land-based games are the majority. Canada government regulations favor the online players.


Australia is among the leading countries in gambling worldwide. They have not embraced the online gambling culture as compared to UK. However, online gambling is the source of 12% of all the gambling revenue in the country.

Just like in New Zealand, they have restrictions as much as local gambling operators are concerned. When a gambling company is actually based in Australia, the government regulations restricts them. The 2001 interactive Gambling Act changed the way gambling was done in Australia. Local gambling companies’ operations were restricted. Offshore online casinos are banned.