to Sponsor, which is one of the oldest and most extensive online gambling information sites, announced it’s sponsorship of the The announcement ends a year of speculation on various online message boards about the venture.

The CEO of, Dominique, said, “The site had decided that it needed to provide players a place where they could exchange their experiences and help others with their game play. After taking a good long at the, we found that it was the name we wanted to create.”

The CEO added, “A number of websites forget their most important clients are the visitors. We have always kept the interests of our players in mind so we are providing them a place where they can exchange views and experiences.” to Sponsor 1

The OnlinePlayersUnion is where players get a space to discuss strategies for all forms of gambling, that start with online casino games to skill games, bingo, poker and fantasy sports. So whether a player likes chess or slots, Texas Hold’em or exotic bingo patterns, the Union is the place for players to exchange strategies, experiences at online casinos and ideas.

The new site has been updated to include social networking software, so in addition to using the forums, players can form private groups that concentrate on particular favorite games or online casinos. has just celebrated its “Lucky 7s anniversary”, having been online for 7 years and 7 months. It has been a home for online players of all types for many years, for it provided them with all kinds of information about every type of gambling possible.