Gambling Fair to be hosted in Paris

A gambling fair is scheduled from May 28th-30th, 2010 in Paris, France. The event will consist of conferences, merchandise sales and, of course, casino games. The current working title is “Winner 2010” and will be organized by the Winner Exhibition Company.

The purpose of the fair is to inform people on such casino and other betting games as sports betting, horse racing, poker and others. The online gambling market is expecting to be given a boost in 2010 and operators want to ensure that people understand the games, as well as instil excitement for the industry. Currently, there is no market for sports betting or horse racing in France and the idea is to garner player interest before these gambling events are introduced.

The event will also offer instructive poker sessions to anyone wanting to learn the game or improve their skill. Focus will be trained on all aspects of the gambling industry as operators will also be promoting roulette, blackjack and all other casino games. Those attending the gambling fair will be given special tokens to use at the gaming stations.


In addition to being important for online casino operators, the gambling fair will give them a chance to measure the level of public interest from French citizens and present an opportunity for valuable marketing.