First American State to Consider Online Poker: California

There’s good news yet for UK casino operators who are looking to expand: the state of California may lead the way in regulating legalized online gambling. The US government has been going back and forth with the idea because some are strongly against it and some are just as strongly in favor of it.

The state’s government has said they are looking to increase revenue and see great potential in online poker. Online casino operators are raking in money since they offer private, relaxed gambling in the comfort of your own home. Countries who have regulated online gambling enjoy a significant economy boost since the money players are spending goes right back into the country’s pockets.

They are looking to start with online poker and then see how the state and the rest of the country reacts, If all goes well, Californians at least can expect to be able to gamble on local online casinos and enjoy the promotions and bonuses that are intended especially for them.

 First American State to Consider Online Poker: California 1

Right now, it is estimated that more than a million California citizens are participating in online poker games but have to open an account with an offshore casino to do so. Currency conversions would be simple and players would have more choice as there are currently very few online casinos that will accept US players.

Those who support online gambling hope that this will strengthen the argument against the UIGEA and help them move forward with this change.