California the Next Hub for Online Casinos?

While LA and California are already a central hub for so many things that are extraordinary and out of the norm, they may soon have yet another item to add to the list. These items being none other than having the state enter the world of online gambling.

With online gambling and the regulation of the industry being all the hype throughout the US as well as the remainder of the world, several large political figures are now behind the bill that could be the rescue that the American economy is looking for.

And while allowing online gambling certainly won’t cure all the problems that the country is experiencing, it could definitely create that boost that is really needed in order for things to begin to get back on track.

 California the Next Hub for Online Casinos? 1

While the UIGEA is a policy that is a blanket policy covering all the US there are laws that govern individual states as well and make it possible for the states to make their own decision with regards to online gambling and certain parameters surrounding the issue at hand.

While the decisions can be made and the states can move forward, the law may still interfere with payment processes that are involved in making deposits and withdrawals for US customers.

Chances are the first type of online gambling that will be regulated will be online poker allowing US poker rooms to pop up with access to those within the state of California.