Considering Online Casinos has long been one of the best sites around for high quality backgammon online gaming. Where other online casino sites have really overlooked the quality in their backgammon games in favor of pushing their online casinos and online poker and sportsbook products, BM has done a lot towards making people that are interested in playing backgammon online feel as if there was a website there that was listening to their concerns, understood those concerns and was going to act on those concerns to create an environment exclusive to backgammon players.

Well, now it looks as if BM is set to follow the lead of many of the other online casino players in the online backgammon business and convert themselves into primarily an online casino website that secondarily offers backgammon as well.

Senior officials at the company that did not wish to be named, the redesign and renovation of the lobby at is a sign that the whole operation is eventually going to be converted to a full fledged online casino. The online casinos would provide over 200 different games such as blackjack, roulette, slots, video poker, craps and all of the other online casino staples and it would be doing this along the backgammon games that have long been the main breadwinner for the website. Considering Online Casinos 1



In fact, a senior source came out and said as much in an interview when they said that “Our backgammon platform has always been known for its high-quality game experience and superior graphics and the feedback from our players prompted us to offer the access to more of their favorite games besides multi-player poker and 21 blackjack.”

Of course, considering the extreme popularity of as an online backgammon site specifically because it was not a full fledged online casino website, the statement above might come as a surprise to a number of customers that might have decided to register complaints with the company for their decisions if they knew about them ahead of time.

The source did not mention any complaints however, instead going on to say that “If they’re coming to us to get it, they know it’s going to be top quality. Aside from that, on the business side, we’re raising the value per player and affiliates will be knocking down our doors when they see how we’ve aligned ourselves with the top of the online casino game industry with a development team that is always one step ahead of the game.”