Average Online Casino Jackpot to Reach £1 Million

Progressive jackpots operate by collecting a portion of all wagers placed on the machine and contributing them to the jackpot total. While progressive jackpots currently can range anywhere from £5000 to £5 million, a financial analyst believes that by the year 2018, the average progressive jackpot will be £1 million.

This is great news for online casino operators and players, as both sides of the coin will benefit from this breakthrough. As progressive jackpots increase, more and more players try their hand at winning the big prize. This is beneficial for operators as they are guaranteed an influx of customers who are interested in winning the million-dollar progressive jackpot.

While the average increase is destined to be, there are some things that online casino operators can do to speed up the process. The first thing that can be done is to expand progressive jackpot networks. Most online casinos today only link progressive slots across one particular casino, but it would be a most worthwhile option to link progressive jackpots across a many casinos that belong to the same brand.


Cryptologic had the right idea by linking all of its Marvel Superhero slots. The progressive jackpot is not only linked between games with the same title, but between all of the Marvel Superhero slots, regardless of which hero the game is based on.

This is certainly the future of online gambling and operators should take note of this!