2009 Was a Big Year for Online Casinos and Players

The UK has rounded out the top five countries whose online casinos have paid out the most in jackpots.  The US, Canada, France and Italy were the other four in the group and, in total, paid out approximately 9000 people in 2009.

This collection of data was meant to show that the online gambling industry is doing well.  So well, in fact, that players have won in the ballpark of $100 million this year.  Predictions for next year obviously exceed that amount and casino operators are more than hopeful that they will be able to surpass 2009’s grand total.

Online casinos and online gambling have taken off in the past couple of years and some even think that the recession has helped the industry.  People don’t feel so bad about going to casinos when they can just switch on their home computers.  Also, the convenience of playing from home makes gambling seem that much more intriguing.  Most modern services can be done from home including just about every type of shopping there is; now online gambling has been added to that list.

2009 Was a Big Year for Online Casinos and Players 1

Both players and online casino operators hope that 2010 proves to be just as successful, if not more, as 2009 and that players will continue to beat the odds and become big winners.