Sweet Party

Sweet Party

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We think its fair to say that Playtech has at least found a unique theme for Sweet Party. This progressive slot is actually themed on a vending machine – which unless you can tell us otherwise, has never been done before.

The Sweet Party jackpot is worth €443,785 right now and on average this jackpot pays out €1,090,221 every 17 days. The Sweet Party jackpot was last hit on August 18, 2017, awarding the winning player €1,241,219 at that time. Try you luck and join the other happy Sweet Party winners!

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The uniqueness doesn’t stop there either as Sweet Party also has no paylines or even reels (technically speaking). What you have instead is a cascading style game where the symbols fall into place rather than spin into place via reels.

We will go into more detail on how this game works in the next section but for now, you need to know that this excellent progressive slot has been a long time favourite at the online casinos for many players due to its unique format and playstyle.

With a fantastic progressive jackpot, an RTP of 93.97% and the chance for consecutive payouts due to the cascading reels format, there are not many online progressive slots that can compete with Sweet Party when it comes to entertainment and uniqueness.

Carry on reading through this in-depth review to find out more about this unique and fun progressive jackpot online slot by Playtech.


If you are wondering how Sweet Party works, you simply have to think about pouring a ton of candy into an empty jar. This is how the symbols will fall into the 5×5 grid that is on the screen in front of you.

Winning combinations are then created if one particular symbol of the same type is sat directly to another symbol of the same type that is connected to others. There have to be five or more of the same symbols connected together before a winning combination is created.

As you will find out later, there is a selection of different symbols on the reels and each of them will pay out more money the larger that each winning combination is. In some cases, you can have combinations that are more than 16+ in size.

The exciting bit is that when you make these winning combinations, those combinations will then disappear and allow other candies to drop into their place from above. This gives players the potential to find more winning combinations as they go along.

Your ultimate aim will, of course, be the potentially huge progressive jackpot but with so much fun to be had on the base game, it won’t matter too much if you do not win as long as you have had a good time trying.

Graphics and Sound

Sweet Party Slot Review is certainly an attractive looking slot and while the graphics are fairly simple, they are bright, cheerful and actually look quite delicious if you are partial to a bit of candy.

Everything has been kept simple with this slot in terms of both the graphics and the gameplay that it provides. Just like there are no confusing game features to mess around with or line bets to choose between, there is also a very simplistic approach that has been taken with the layout and the graphics.

You have the vending machine in centre stage and the controls to the game on the right. Apart from that there is nothing apart from the background which seems to be a set on some green rolling hills.

At the top right of the screen, you will see what the current progressive jackpot total is and will notice how it increases even when you are not playing. This is because other players are contributing it too.

Base Game Symbols

As you might expect from a slot that is themed around candy, the symbols on the reels are just that – different types of candy. This candy is sitting inside a vending machine and hopefully, you get lucky enough to find some that are sitting in some nice winning combinations.

There is everything from gummy bears, gobstoppers, jelly beans and a selection of others that can all be used to bring you some wins on the reels. As we mentioned previously, you might even land a series of wins from a single turn, as your wins disappear and more form.

Each particular candy will have its certain value depending on how many of each type are found in a combination. Needing at least five might sound a lot but once you play Sweet Party you will see that this is actually quite easy to do and that you will actually create combinations that go right up into the teens on some occasions.

The gummy bear will bring the largest payouts apart from the jackpot winning gobstopper and these can be worth as much as 5,000x the total bet placed should you land 16 or more of them in a combination.

With so many different combinations that can be made, we think it would be best if you checked out the paytable on Sweet Party to get yourself accustomed to the kinds of payouts you can receive.

Progressive Jackpot

The key selling point to Sweet Party is, without doubt, the progressive jackpot that players have the ability to win. This jackpot can grow into the millions on some occasions until one lucky player manages to scoop the lot.

Winning this progressive jackpot requires players to land 8 or more of the red and white gobstoppers in a selection.

There is a slight catch, however, as players will be paid out a percentage of the progressive jackpot depending how large their bet stake was. A player that only bets 1.00 and wins the jackpot will only get 10% of the full amount. Those who bet 2.00 will get 20%, those who bet 5.00 will get 50% and those who were brave enough to bet the max bet of 10.00 will get the full 100%.

For that reason, we always want to make sure that players are aware of these limits and bet accordingly if they want to qualify for a certain percentage of the progressive jackpot on Sweet Party.

Betting Range

Just like many other progressive jackpot slots, Sweet Party tends to lend itself more to the lowballers and therefore offers a betting range of between 1.00 and 10.00 per spin. As there are no paylines as such, changing up this amount is literally done by deciding how much you wish to bet on the entire spin.

We like this as there is absolutely nothing confusing about placing your bets. Sometimes on other slots, it can be a little complicated trying to figure out coin bets, values and the many different lines that you can cover.

Why Play Sweet Party

If you have become bored with the same ‘ole approach that many progressive slots have undertaken and want something a little more unique, we really recommend that you give a try to Sweet Party. It really captures the imagination and provides an entertaining way to win some good payouts.

No more reels, no more paylines, no more spins, just some cascading tiles and the potential for sequential payouts and a possible progressive jackpot win that could be worth millions.

Sweet Party is also a perfect slot for mobile users as it is quick and easy to play and can be picked up and put down with ease. No bonus features also mean that you can concentrate on having a few quick turns without having to think too much.

Go and try Sweet Party and we just know that you are going to love it in the same way that we do.