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Mega Moolah

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If you could pick out one online slot and claim that it is the most well-known slot in the world – which would it be? Hands down it has to be Mega Moolah by Microgaming right? How many times has this online slot been in the news for creating record-breaking or at the very least, huge progressive jackpots that players have won?

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There are four separate progressive jackpots on offer, each offering differing amounts depending on how much they have grown over time as players have been playing the slot.

Even without the progressive jackpots, Mega Moolah, a five reel, 20-payline slot, offers up tons of entertainment through game features such as free spins and the wild lion feature. Furthermore, with a medium volatility, this progressive slot also ensures that there are plenty of decent sized payouts that are rewarded on a pretty regular basis.

This review will take you through the reasons why this slot has gone down in history on more than one occasion and why you should be playing it the next time you are at the online casinos.


There is no point denying it, the main reason why Mega Moolah has gone down in cult status among slots players is due to the progressive jackpots and the massive amounts they have paid out over the years. We are talking 15+ million on some occasions, so you can understand why players flock to this online slot despite it being quite old now.

That being said, Mega Moolah offers up plenty more alongside those jackpots to ensure that players have an enjoyable time. The free spins round, in particular, is a good distraction from the desperation to hit those jackpots and there are also some great payouts to aim for on the reels.

Graphics and Sound

Let’s face it, if Mega Moolah was released today instead of back in 2013, there would be a few complaints about how simple the graphics are compared to other slots. However, we do have to remember its age and more importantly, the fact that it is the most famous slot of all time.

It still does look good too, it really is not that bad at all and is more than adequate for those of you looking to enjoy some entertaining and lucrative online gambling.

The reels practically take up the entire screen so there is not too much to see in the background. What you do see, however, is that the slot seems to be located in a jungle. This is semi-confirmed when you see that the symbols on the reels are made up of a selection of jungle animals.

Those animals have been drawn in a fun and quirky cartoon-style that does make them enjoyable to look at once they roll in on the reels.

The sound effects and soundtrack on this slot are not really much to write home about but who cares when there is upwards of multiples of millions to be had from the slots progressive jackpots?

Base Game Symbols

While you will be hoping like the rest of us, that you will land one of the games progressive jackpots, you will have to accept that a lot of the action will take place on the reels. There are plenty of good payouts that can be had and these will come from completing winning combinations of the many different symbols on the reels.

As this progressive slot is themed around a bunch of jungle animals, these animals are what make up a good number of the symbols on the reels. You have lions, elephants, buffalos, zebras, giraffes, and ibis all accounted for and worth varying amounts.

Those animals are where the larger wins will come from all of the lower payouts will come from the remaining playing card symbols. These range from the 10 to the Ace and will still be welcome if they manage to land in a winning combination on the reels.

Scatter Symbols

The strange looking red-headed character is the scatter symbol on Mega Moolah and like scatter symbols do in other online slots, this will be used to activate one of the bonus rounds. That bonus round is the free spins round that we will talk more about later. Until then, we will let you know what sort of payouts the scatter symbols will bring whenever they are found between two and five times on the reels.

Finding this scatter symbol anywhere on the reels two times and you will be given 2x your total spin bet, while finding it three, four or five times will pay you 3x, 20x and a staggering 100x your spin bet respectively.

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols are a fairly basic bonus feature that can be found in most online slots but while they are simple, they can be very effective and help you to bring in some much-welcome wins from the reels.

Not only will they bring in their own wins of 15,000 coins, 1,500 coins, 125 coins or 15 coins if found on the same win line five, four, three or two times respectively, they will also do their standard job or substituting for other symbols on the reels.

They can substitute for any symbol apart from the games scatter symbol and not only will you be paid out for it, you will actually get double what you normally would if a wild symbol helped to create that win.

Free Spins

What we like about Mega Moolah is that there are some other bonus features to enjoy rather than just hoping to land the progressive jackpots while spinning the reels. The best of these is the free spins round which will give you 15 free spins when you manage to activate it.

Three scatter symbols will be needed to activate this round, one on each of the 3rd, 4th and 5th reels. The best part about this free spins round is that any win that is created on the reels during this round will be paid out three times as much as normal as there is a 3x multiplier attached to it.

As a final little bonus, these free spins can be re-triggered while the free spins round is being played out. So if you were to find those free spins on the third, fourth and fifth reels again during the free spins round, the free spins round will reset.

If players are lucky enough, there is the potential to win up to 225,000 coins from this free spins round.

Progressive Jackpot

Now we have got to the stage that most of you will have been waiting for, the progressive jackpots that can be won on Mega Moolah. There are four of them in total and they are each won at complete random. Any spin of the reels could see one of those progressive jackpots coming your way.

The three different jackpots and the amounts they first start out as are:

  • Mega Progressive:- Counter starts at 1,000,000
  • Major Progressive:- Counter starts at 10,000.00
  • Minor Progressive:- Counter starts at 100.00
  • Mini Progressive:- Counter starts at 10.00

Each of these progressive grows after each spin that any player enjoys on the slot and these global jackpots will grow continuously until they are won.

Betting Range

When you get around to placing your spin bet on Mega Moolah, you will have a number of different ways in which you can change up the total amount. There is an overall betting range of between the minimum bet of 0.01 and a max bet of 6.00 and this is changed up via the number of coins you use, the number of lines you wager on and the value of the coins.

Mega Moolah was always a progressive slot that was aimed at the lower rollers among us and who are we to complain at that? There is much more value betting at that range with the potential of such a huge progressive jackpot coming your way than betting much higher.

Why Play Mega Moolah

We really should not have to say anything about Mega Moolah as its reputation and popularity really does speak for itself. If we did have to say something, it would be that this progressive slot really is among the best to play if you are looking for something that can not only payout well in general but also has the ability to turn you into an instant millionaire.

Those progressive jackpots have been accompanied well by an enjoyable free spins round with a 3x multiplier and there are also some good payouts to be had from the base game. Throw in a low variance and a low betting range and you have the perfect slot to enjoy a long session of online gambling on.

If you are new to online slots and want to know what some of the best games to try are, Mega Moolah by Microgaming is definitely a good place to start.